Our lunch & dinner menus

Chef Guillaume SCHEER invites you to discover his cuisine, which evolves according to the season and the availability of produce.
Menu " Plaisirs " in 5 steps 108€.
Gourmands" menu in 6 courses 120€.

This menu is given as an indication and can change according to the arrivals.

Textured duck foie gras (fr) / maple syrup crisp.
Eric’s beet / lightly smoked trout / horseradish cream from Alsace.
St Pierre with mild heat / artichoke peppers / barigoule juice.
Charolais beef fillet (FR) / young vegetables / chive jus.
Cherry / verbena / verbena ice cream.
The rhubarb palet / ribot milk ice cream.


All our dishes are available in “a la carte” portions.


Entrance fee 36€.
Dishes 46
Desserts 20€ (in French)

To enhance your menus, we suggest that you accompany them with a food and beverage pairing.
4 GLASSES 45 € or without alcohol 28€.

Business menu 49€.

Agreement 2 glasses of wine (12CL) 18€.

only at lunchtime from Wednesday to Friday, except on public holidays.
Wednesday May 31st to Friday June 2nd

Tuna / watermelon / tuna sauce tataki.


Beef tenderloin / potato dauphinois / hearty jus.
Fish according to arrival / fennel confit / turmeric sabayon.
The cheese plate of the Tourrette house.
Strawberry and basil.

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